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6th Grade Bible- Mr. Eloe English- Mrs. Worsham Math- Mrs. Burk Science- Mrs. Skinner Social Studies- Mrs. Beckman 7th Grade Bible- Mr. Eloe...

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mrs. Burk

 6th grade- Pg. 521;  1-26

Algebra- Worksheet Practice A;  1-15

Mrs. Beckman

6th Social Studies - A.M. Pg. 147-148 (all); Optional resources: Quizlet chapter study set on google classroom and Colosseum virtual tour link

7th English - No homework; Chapter 7 Adverb TEST Tomorrow! Extra adverb practice link on google classroom; ISASP practice test link on google classroom

Mrs. Worsham

 English 6: no homework

Math 8: no homework, practice test for Iowa Assessments

Mrs. Hoben

 7th - No homework

8th - Chapter 18 Activity 5 pages 159-160

Geography - South America

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mr. McConnell

 8th Grade Science:  Chapter 22 test Thursday

7th Grade Science:  Chapter 16 review due Thursday

Mrs. Burk

 6th grade- Pg. 517-519; 1-40

Algebra- same assignment as yesterday Pg. 395; 4-22 even

Mr. Lane

7th Math - there is a quiz over the first 3 lessons of chapter 9 tomorrow. The students are allowed an index card.

8th Bible - verse quiz is James 1:22-25 and storyboards are due on Friday

8B Math - pages 397-399 #3-8, 11-14, 18, and 20-23

Mrs. Hoben

 No homework!