Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mrs. Worsham

6th Grade A and B: English: workbook page 86 + Quiz on 23 linking/helping verbs (the list was written in their spiral notes)
6th Grade: History: Quiz on pages 110-113
Friday:  Test on India
8th Grade A and B:  no homework
A Christmas Carol Project requirements can be found here
7th Grade: Technology: EARBUDS 

Mrs. Hoben

6th History- No homework
7th History- Test tomorrow over chapter 9
8th History- Test tomorrow over chapter 8
Geography- No homework

Mr. Lane

6A Math - wksht 6-5

7th Math - wksht 6-5

8th Math - pages 270-271 #3-16 and 19

8th Bible - be studying for verse quiz

Mr. Eloe

6th Bible - No homework

7th Bible - No homework

6B Math - Worksheet 6-5

6A Science - No homework
                   - Chapter 8 test on Friday

Monday, January 14, 2019

Mrs. Hoben

6th History- Page 84 in Student workbook
7th History- Chapter 9 Activities 4 & 5. Chapter 9 test on Wednesday.
8th History- No homework. Chapter 8 test on Wednesday
Geography- Continents quiz tomorrow. States and capitals quiz on Tuesday 01/22

Mr. Lane

6A Math - pages 284-285 #8-20, 23-25, 33-35

7th Math - pages 244-245 #8-17, 20-23, 25, 32-36

8th Math - no homework

8th Bible - verse quiz this week is Rom. 12:9-12

Mrs. Worsham

6th Grade A and B: English: Pg. 84
6th Grade: History: Read pages 11-113 and do AM page 84,85
8th Grade A and B:   Read STAVE V for quiz and have completed questions ready to turn in.

7th Grade: Technology: EARBUDS